Where can I buy Guardian Shorts?

Guardian Shorts ebooks are available from leading ebook retailers, including Amazon Kindle, the iBookstore and Kobo, and directly from this website. The following info should guide you through whichever route you choose.

To purchase from a retailer, it’s as simple as…

1. Download your preferred retailer app (or unwrap one of their ereaders)
2. Sign in with your retailer account
3. Search for the Guardian Shorts ebook you want on their store
4. Make your purchase – as soon as your reading device is connected to the internet, your new ebook will sync directly to it

And if you’d like a little more help, click on the retailers’ logos to find full instructions for reading on your ereader, smartphone, tablet, PC, Mac or laptop (there’s lots of ways you can read our ebooks!):


As well as buying Guardian Shorts ebooks from leading ebook retailers, you can purchase directly from us. Find out more about how to do so – and how to download and read your ebook – below. If you can’t find your question answered, please get in touch via our contact form.


How do I add an ebook to my basket?

To buy from us, go to the product page of the title you want and click the [Buy Direct] button. A single click will add the chosen title to your basket. You can add as many ebooks as you like. You can find the basket in the top right of the screen from any part of the site.


How do I pay for my ebook?

To go to the payment stage, choose the [Checkout] option from within the basket.


How does the checkout work?

The Guardian Shorts basket, checkout and ebook delivery are powered by Firsty Group. Clicking [Checkout] will open up a new page. You’ll be asked to set up an account with Firsty or log in to an existing one. Your Firsty account features a library section that will store all the ebooks you buy. Follow this link to read Firsty’s privacy policy.

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be taken through to the payment stage powered by Sage Pay where you can enter your credit card details.


How do I download my ebook?

Once you’ve completed your payment, you’ll be able to download your ebook in one of two formats – epub and mobi.


What’s the difference between epub and mobi ebook formats?

Epub is a universal format that you can read on pretty much any device you own. Mobi is the format you need if you want to read the ebook on your Kindle.


How do I get the ebook onto my device?

epub First of all, download the ebook to your PC or Mac. If you want to transfer the ebook to your ereader, simply plug the device into your computer and copy the file over to it. If you want to transfer it to your tablet or smartphone you can either plug the device into your computer, or you can email it to yourself and open it up directly on the device.

mobi Download the ebook to your PC or Mac. To transfer the ebook to your Kindle ereader, you can email it to your Kindle email address. To find this, go to the Settings menu on your Kindle. The email address you use to send the ebook must match the email registered to your Amazon account.


How do I read my ebook?

Opening your ebook file is easy and will happen automatically if you are using a Kindle or another ereader.
If you are using a smartphone or tablet, you may need to download a free ereading app. Ones you can use include:

iBooksGoogle Play Books
Google Play BooksKobo

If you are using a PC or Mac, you may need to download some free software. We would recommend either Adobe Digital Editions or Calibre.


How many devices can I read my ebook on?

As many as you like – there’s no limit. And if you manage to delete your ebook file (whoops), log on to your Firsty Group account, go to the library and you can download another copy.


Do Guardian Shorts ebooks have DRM?

Adobe DRM – or digital rights management – is used to stop illicit copying of ebook files. Unfortunately it also makes it much harder for readers to read on multiple devices. So we don’t use it.

We do, however, use watermarking, sometimes called social DRM. Any ebook you buy from the Guardian Shorts website will be stamped with your name and email address.